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From marketing to merchandising or even from frontline to backline, we have got everything covered. The sales-focused talent procured from our network grants the customer-centric retail ambience that you demand from e-commerce and omnichannel to brick-and-mortar experience.

Be it a retail store or an online shopping platform, having a trained and skilled sales associate can make a deal in minutes. Your business requires people who can easily boost the sale of products through upskilling and cross-selling. Simultaneously with sales, back-office, purchasing, and planning, we also implement support staff from a retail background, who looks after other functions in a retail sector like finance, HR, IT delivery, supply chain, etc. We are an end-to-end retail staffing partner who chooses the advanced resources to assist branded, national as well as global retailers.

Our reliable staffing team will find the finest resources you need:

  • Retail Executives – all Specialties: Supply Chain, Marketing, Finance, IT, Purchasing, Creative, Production, Operations, HR, Creative, Production and Legal
  • Retail Store Customer Service Representative
  • Retail Host/Greeter
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Store Operations
  • Store Operations Lead Stock Clerk
  • Telemarketer
  • Buyers, Category Managers, Purchasing Analysts, and Merchandise Clerks
  • Retail Associate
  • District Retail Sales Manager
  • Retail Store Manager Assistant
  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Outside Sales
  • Sales Support
  • Account Executive
  • Inside Sales
  • Marketing Managers, Digital Content Analysts, SEO Analysts and Managers, Brand Managers, Graphic Designers, Graphic Production Artists, CRM Managers, Promotional Managers, Social Media Analysts, and Advertising Analyst and Managers
Agile Execution

Real-time Sourcing Excellence

Our adaptive search capabilities, having an effective blend of mobility, crowdsourcing, and machine learning, enables us to access a larger talent pool. The passive talent pool is often undiscovered when we rely on traditional solutions. Our experts have deep contextual insights into market trends, pay rates, and candidate availability. Compunnel leverages stimulated decision-making capabilities when it comes to sourcing the right fit for the requirement.

Design Validation

Fastest Screening Capabilities

Quality of hire is probably the most crucial aspect of a hiring manager’s recruitment strategy. Our machine-learning powered screening engine ensures that only the top 10% of the sourced profiles are further vetted by our subject matter experts. While executing high volume recruitment, our machine-learning-based products reduce submission time by 60%, ensuring the right fit for the right job.

Agile Execution

Full Funnel Candidate Engagement

In an employee-driven market, full-funnel candidate engagement is of paramount importance. Compunnel uses prescriptive analytics to enable access to insightful candidate profiles for evaluating technical and cultural fit. Hence, we personalize our outreach to every candidate through an automated system resulting in a client like interaction with candidates.

A Global Enterprise with Local Acquaintance, Experience and Knowledge

With strong regional footprints, Compunnel can offer the reliability that you expect from a staffing partner and help you cultivate the desired capability and accomplishment for your organization. We take pride in being one of those rare staffing firms having an established local experience from a global stage. We offer end-to-end recruitment solutions for various business verticals. Our recruitment experts are backed by a solid senior management team, ensuring seamless delivery of reliable services to your company across the globe. We possess the global effectiveness to contemplate and perform beyond the boundaries of location or corporate affairs.

For more than 25 years, Compunnel has comprehended the regional business environment and economy to serve with a high-maintenance approach. We offer location-specific recruitment teams to run seamless hiring operations in your project sites.

We build our trust with clients by sustaining a large pool of high-quality and highly-skilled candidates in our database. Our commercial and geographical insights augment essential worth to our recruitment alliances.

We are generating the world’s finest talent and smartest specialists, backed by regional and global offices worldwide. Regional knowledge, cultural conception, and linguistic abilities help us in maintaining strong global footprints.

Scalable solutions to help you
build a better talent pipeline

We create holistic solutions that consider every aspect of the talent acquisition process. Our exceptional approach to providing end-to-end staffing services makes us one of the fastest developing staffing firms in the global market.

  • Staffline Proadd

    JobHuk is a recruitment marketplace that leverages the power of 2400+ gig-recruiters, sourcing top talent in various industries and creating access to a larger pool of high-quality candidates.

  • Staffline Proadd

    iEndorseU is a web and mobile application where one can make peer-to-peer paid referrals, thus crowdsourcing previously passive talent.

  • Staffline Proadd

    StafflinePro is a full-cycle talent acquisition and management suite that proficiently matches candidate eligibility to job descriptions using AI and machine learning.

  • jobleticsadd

    JobleticsPro is a phone or text-based labor management application that helps in accomplishing just-in-time talent demands.

  • Compunnel Healthcareadd

    Compunnel Healthcare App is a specialized, end-to-end talent management platform where candidates are thoroughly vetted using a machine learning algorithm.