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    You Demand, and We Customize


Our core capability and experience make us a reliable vendor. We have end-to-end customized solutions for your need.


Whether it is for a single highly-specialized resource or hundreds of contingent workers, we supply candidates at any scale

Technological Capability

We can locate promising candidates through our effective authorized technologies

Eye on Cost

Our cost structure is aligned with the demands of our clients

Rigorous Screening Process

We combine machine-learning-based screening with vetting, which is handled by specialized subject matter experts

Source Niche Candidates

Our subject matter experts can identify highly-specialized candidates

Technological Capability
Eye on Cost
Rigorous Screening Process
Source Niche Candidates

The combined power of our technologies enables us to source high quality talent.

  • JobHuk
  • iEndorseU
  • Compunnel Healthcare
  • StafflinePro™
  • JobleticsPro

JobHuk is a recruitment marketplace that leverages the power of 2400+ gig-recruiters who sources the top talent in various industries, thus creating access to a larger pool of high-quality candidates.

  • One of the largest global talent marketplaces
  • 2400+ vetted independent recruiters
  • Specialized talent sourcing
  • Scale supply according to requirements
  • 30% reduction in the time-to-fill rate per person

iEndorseU is a web and mobile applications where one can make peer-to-peer paid referrals, thus crowdsourcing previously passive talent.

  • Web and mobile referral platform sources talent across industries through crowdsourcing
  • Reaches passive candidates referred by colleagues
  • Increases the available talent pool

Compunnel Healthcare App is a specialized, end-to-end talent management platform where candidates are thoroughly vetted using a machine learning algorithm.

  • A proprietary app with an in-built application tracking system that can help you onboard the right resources with less time-to-hire.
  • Being a full-cycle recruitment suite, it looks after onboarding, time-sheet management, payroll processing, benefit administration, and career development.
  • Developed with the expertise and knowledge of experienced medical professionals, healthcare career advisors and recruiters with 25+ years of experience.

StafflinePro™ is a full-cycle talent acquisition and management suite that proficiently matches candidate eligibility to job descriptions using AI and machine learning.

  • Enterprise-grade web application
  • Streamlines multiple processes with automation
  • In-built applicant tracking system
  • Recruitment process metrics to accelerate talent acquisition
  • Offers 24X7 candidate support through a chatbot named Sia

JobleticsPro is a phone or text-based labor management application which helps in accomplishing just-in-time talent demands.

  • Geo-targeted, skill-based talent search
  • Built-in video interview and training modules
  • Seamless shift payment processing