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What is Staffing?

With the population bomb ticking every year, it won’t be fair enough to say that the industries are running out of staffs. Employing, deploying, and monitoring the right person for the right job, and above all, at the right time and place, is one of the most challenging tasks ever. That's when a managerial function, majorly known as a staffing firm, enters the scene to assist in acquiring, utilizing, and hiring competent and efficient personnel to fill multiple positions in an organization.

We are a global provider of pioneering staffing services, where we are partnering with various industries with a simple vision – "Delivering staffing excellence with Total Talent Value." You demand that dream workforce you always wanted to build, and we make it our goal to hunt down the bricks to construct the efficient pillars of that workforce. We challenge traditional approaches while redefining your outlooks.


Our Staffing Strategy

We are the first staffing service provider to combine crowdsourcing and traditional hiring models with machine learning.

Our 3-step staffing strategy utilizes exclusive technologies to acquire the right talent for any job requirement on any respective scale

  • Cast a Wide Net
  • Automated Screening
  • Vetting by Subject Matter Experts

Significance of Human
Touch in Compunnel

Unlike other staffing industries, Compunnel prefers an integration of human and high-end technology. We believe in balancing out traditional solutions along with the new-age solutions. No matter how advanced we are, we make sure that the human touch is retained in our services.

Local Support

Independent HR and Legal teams for smooth onboarding after compliance and background verification


In association with JJ Keller, we offer customized training to our consultants suiting project requirements

400+ Recruiters

Our internal team of 400+ industry-specific recruiters having rich hiring experience in various domains

New Age
Talent Marketplace

A network of 2400+ independent recruiters with proven recruiting capabilities in every industry

The platform has proved to reduce hiring time by 20%
Crowdsourcing (Mobile Referrals)

A mobile app that invites referrals among 50,000+ professionals from various industries

Referrals are the most successful sourcing strategy. The platform provides high-quality referrals for all critical job roles.
Machine Learning Based Screening

An intelligent machine-learning algorithm screens hundreds of profiles to match the vital skills & competencies of the respective job role

Faster screening of candidates further reduces time-to-hire by 10%